“The production is polished, with painterly lighting effects from Jayson Crothers…” - Variety

“Visual talents are very much on display here, effectively using light and space to evoke a timeless quality…” -


“The acting is top-notch, as is the cinematography (by Jayson Crothers)…” - The Austin Chronicle

“Coldwater is elegantly shot by Jayson Crothers…” -

“Coldwater is an assured production with gorgeous cinematography (Jayson Crothers) and production design.” -

“Tech credits are top notch throughout, with D.P. Jayson Crothers lensing the film in a way that captures the beauty and the soullessness.” -

“Beautifully shot… every frame of this film is an image of beauty, which makes its shocking content all the more powerful.” - Raindance Film Festival

“Coldwater marks a passionate and wolfish directorial debut for Grashaw. From the great coloring and lighting down to Chris Chatham and Mark Miserocchi’s pulsating score, the film showcases some of the finest technical aspects of the American indie festival circuit this year.” -

“Coldwater is impressively executed, with Jayson Crothers’ slick and climatic camerawork adding a much desired mystery to the grit, sweat, and blood.” -

“Coldwater is a beautifully acted and shot drama…” -

“Grashaw and cinematographer Jayson Crothers shoot the violence and vicious abuse of the boys so point-blank and graphic, much like the teen inmates’ situation, it’s impossible to escape. It turns viewers into inmates themselves, tightening the body and feeling as if violence in turn will be the only way out.” -


“Production values - especially Jayson Crothers’ evocative lensing - are first-rate across the board. Indeed, Crothers deserves a special shout-out simply for taking a fresh approach to one of the more tiresome of visual clichés - i.e. a nightmare sequence - and making it genuinely, well nightmarish.” - Variety


“There’s a stillness to the cinematography and an eeriness amongst the slow, creeping dolly work that creates a strong sense of unease. The film is riddled with creepy imagery…” -

“…unnerving and unexpected visuals that keep viewers uneasy. Much of the film feels like a nightmare that is only slightly off from reality, with just enough of the uncanny to make your skin crawl… conjures gorgeously frightening images and shots that will get into your brain and stay there. Even when everything seems fine, the cinematography tells us it clearly isn’t.” -


“Exceptional work behind the camera by cinematographer Jayson Crothers.” - The Hollywood Interview